SAS XML Mapper 9.2

SAS XML Mapper 9.2

Free Removes the tedium when creating and modifying an XMLMap
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SAS XML Mapper automatically analyzes the structure of an XML file (or XML Schema) and generates basic metadata. The process consolidates all instances of a specific XPath into a unique candidate field, counts the number of occurrences, captures maximum field length, keeps a representative sample of data instances, and heuristically suggests a data type (string, numeric, date, etc.) based on the sampling. The availability of this information makes identifying table, row, and column components much simpler. SAS XML Mapper also features a drag-and-drop graphical interface that reduces the time and effort to create an XMLMap and helps eliminate syntax errors, allowing the data analyst to focus on solving the problem, not the details of the implementation.

SAS XML Mapper is an XMLMap support tool for the XML engine. SAS XML Mapper is a Java-based, stand-alone application that removes the tedium when creating and modifying an XMLMap.

SAS XML Mapper provides a graphical interface that you can use to generate the appropriate XML elements. SAS XML Mapper analyzes the structure of an XML document or an XML schema and generates basic XML syntax for the XMLMap.

The interface consists of windows, a menu bar, and a toolbar. Using SAS XML Mapper, you can display an XML document or an XML schema, create and modify an XMLMap, and generate example SAS programs.

The SAS XML Mapper is a stand-alone application that provides a drag and drop tool for building a scheme for translating from the hierarchical layout of an XML file to a relational set of tables (a mapping in the mathematical sense). The SAS XML libname engine can then use this XML Map to read any XML file with the same schema. The version of XML Mapper that comes with SAS 9.2 has the “Automap” tool which will create a complete relational structure using counter variables. SAS Version 9.2 can also export data from SAS tables into the XML structure corresponding to an XML Map file.

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